Sonic X episode 58 “Desperately Seeking Sonic”

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This is episode 58 of Sonic X entitled “Desperately Seeking Sonic”. ENJOY!

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fidjnr says:

@ 9:49 don’t jump amy rose… it’s a long way down

dm_50f406271f667 says:

that monkey is bananas! (yeah,its been used before but thats the best joke that I could think of)

Obinnathunder says:

I can’t bliv dat d Amy, Cream, Cosmo & Cheese fel 4 d sem trap twice. 11:29 Cheese is rili kikin d monki Medal X’s butts. 12:46 Cosmo is also fytin d Medal X’s butts with tomatos. 13:25 Cul, gal pawa! 16:31 Wots up with Knuckles’ hands? 17:02 How many pawa up shoes doz Chris hav.17:24 Big bang! 18:49 Anoda big bang! I’m so sorry 4 dat Medal X. 5 mor keos emeralds 2 go.

Super-Nova101 says:

Anyone else notice something strange about knuckles hands at 15:30 ???
what once were mittens, now are gloves????
confusing 4kids makes alot of mistakes in this show

amyrose1999 says:

hi the real amy rose im amy rose 1999

thereal-amyrose says:

Love this episode, keep up the gud work!

chris heap says:

You don’t mind if I’m borrowing this while you’re resting do you?

123BeastWithinandInside says:

i TOTALLY heard “sonic,get into that sonic cannon,and get ready to lunch” xD

takenoprisoner42 says:

thanx 4 the upload!

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