Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride Magic eye

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CLICK MORE FIRST! Music Is Magic Carpet Ride By Steppenwolf, i’m allowed to use the music. The last image is not a magic eye. The trick to these is to move y…

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I seeeeee my birds rose xxxx

Naburi says:

there’s no way that could be something in 3:40 because there’s no tile

Bruno Mars says:

3.40 is a baby birdy

Geckomayhem says:

@prozie286 I beg to differ. Because there really is no difference. It’s
easy enough to see even the most complex Magic Eye illusions on a screen.
If you can’t see them, keep trying. The 3D images are there.

TOAST4005 says:

couldn’t get the last one but all the other ones i got but by the last one
my eyes were tired so.

EBay49002 says:


parker nottelling says:

duck, heart, dinosaur, hole, rabbit, saturn, random letters, circles, a
bunch of diagonal lines, nothing, you just lost the game

Heather Armstrong says:

This must be really burning for people who can’t to it :’)

Kaeralho says:

thats the problem of rock’n roll, it even surpasses classical music

bboymanuel says:

lol omg those are my words! i bet icanbeat you ill bet you my 09 corvette

PokemonTrainerCilan says:

guys to make the image pop in cross your eyes and focus. i’s weird!

miketehdirector says:

glad so many people have enjoyed this video, its old now!

BigGreezyJake says:

@kakboi6688846993 its not a sailboat its a scooner lol

2010awsomeness1 says:

@xXxGlitterChanxXx Btw, number 6 is called saturn….just sayin.

bnatrl88 says:

i could NEVER do these! lol

iNoTiC says:

its weird u inda hae to let yor eyes relax and everthing goes blury except
the exact thing ur looking at.

GrizzleX says:

It’s a schooner!!!

skycamefallingdown says:

I barely figured out how to look at these images correctly. AMAZING!!!

MsHateracists says:

lastone is hard to read.

Gaellilouna says:

Is that true ? It’s the first time i hear it…. But, people still smoke

rosehips360 says:

if you kind of cross your eyes, it goes concave instead of convex

TempePon says:

the first one is a duck

outlawtzar says:

my gf got freaked out when i had my headphones on real loud and was poking
the air in front of my screen

DetroitLove4U says:

The Future is breeze man unload and tell all the fucking oinkers to kiss

Trailer1220 says:

How many dimensions are we capable of perceiving?

jcl78901 says:

video is freaking me out lol

izzzzzzzzzzzzzi says:

me too!!! can you look at someone and make it look like they have three
eyes? you just kinda move your eyes in the same way as when you look at
magic eye pictures.

crazylikeamoose77 says:

dam how did i lose the game that sucks ohh well. i have been doing magic
eye before magic eye came out in book. grate granny had wall paper and i
would love to stare at it and make it 3d use to freek my granny out that i
could do it so eazyly

kosai19 says:

I can’t see any of them.

dorourke105 says:

@_@ Ohhhh my eyes hurt, but I finally saw all of the pictures

Dirtydog102 says:

@Thebestmeghan Put your index finger (like the “wait, one minute” hand
gesture) at the center-bottom of the picture, approximately nail length,
then look past your finger nail. If you look past your finger nail
correctly it should look like two fingers. Lastly, try holding the “2
finger nail” image, and, simultaneously, slowly look up from your finger to
the center of the page. Hopefully that helps.

lewisnwkc says:

1) A duck facing to the left 2) A pretty squashed love heart 3) A
Parasaurolophus dinosaur 4) Looking down onto a Domed shape like a volcano
5) A bunny rabbit facing right with its head looking slightly towards you
6) A planet with one ring around it (diagonally from bottom left to top
right) 7) Randomly rotated capital letters (from top to bottom) “HAATEPLB”
floating above an egg box type surface 8) 11 circles (which i assume are
yummy skittles) 9) YOU JUST LOST THE GAME btw im bored

WhisperEcho says:

A ducky, a heart, a dinosaur, a hill from above, a bunny rabbit, Saturn,
random letters, circles, … I can’t believe I lost the game again! I can’t
do the last one.

Legoking45 says:

lol if you look as the image cross eyed, the image jumps out at u

kakboi6688846993 says:

fuck i feel like that dude on mall rats

Aiva963 says:

I can’t see anything…

michael h Dean says:

heard “pusherman ” first.woke up every morning at 10am just to hear this
song.this was in RVN .AFVN always had the #1 song and this was it for heads from NAM 68-69 live long .PEACE

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