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Is the food mouldy? i read a book and the guy said he was given moldy bread.
[] What the hell dude. You just went from being actually nice on the internet to treating someone like a jerk within a moment, and why? Because you misunderstood his comment?

I don’t think he took your post as calling him a shill. I think what he rather complained about was that people would label him a shill if he did what you warned him to do. No reason to suddenly start acting high-and-mighty.

Didn’t downvote either one of you btw. I just think both of you ought to try not to misunderstand people so easily tho. /u/gonuts4donuts is not without fault either
[] I hardly knewa.
[] You’re missing the point.
Jesus died for our sins, so if we don’t sin then Jesus died in vain.
[] My stomach tries communicating with whales. Every single fucking exam
[] I work at a gelato shop and had a woman once ask me why I would shape the ice cream into a ball before putting it on a cone.
[] Yeah i don’t mind some of today’s music Bruno Mars and DJ Bede are good.
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[] She can give me 10k and I’ll take care of it for her =p
[] I was working at Radio Shack 9 or so years ago. Older gentleman was looking for some obscure part that we did not carry. I told him he would most likely need to search the internet to find the part. He then asked, “Where is the nearest internet and can you call them to see what their hours are?”
[] Look, dumbass, a cashmere sweater is thicker than a t-shirt. So how come the sweater will go through the ring but the t-shirt will not? Materials make a huge difference, not just the amount. You cannot use just ANY material.
[] “It’s a coupon for a cheese burger! Why won’t you accept it?!”

Because this is a gas station, and you are trying to use a Burger King coupon. Those don’t cover our shitty gas station burgers.
[] The white, or the grey?
[] Creating a while loop to find factors of a given number.
[] If you were right next to a wolf or a wolf pack you probably should be scared of it and in that situation I don’t think the statistic of a shark being just as dangerous is relevant. Just like the mosquito fact or coconut fact or peanut allergy fact other people feel like mentioning.
[] Tell that to the fucking hotels in Pensacola charging $600 a night for a $100 a night room because “demand.”

So we drove to Mobile. Hello clean $50 Motel 6. Light was left on and now I have a working toilet and clean towels.
[] No need to be sorry for being concerned about family
[] Man those guys honestly think skinny chicks eat pizza? Man, I’m craving pizza. downloads Tinder app
[] Honey
every muslim country’s population

Ok it’s hard to have reasonable conversations when we reach that level of generalisation.
[] You’ll know if she tries to vomit on you. It’s a sign of true affection. Conversely, you’ll be aware of any animosity she might have given that she has a set of bolt cutters hanging off the front of her face.
[] Did they ever tell you not to say anything? Just sayin, if I let some kid live in my house for a month and I didn’t make any secret about sleeping with my girlfriend I’d expect him to tell anyone that would listen that we were “doing it”. That goes double if it was gay sex.

It sounds like everyone already knows, maybe they don’t want to come out because it would just be awkward at this point so they thought having a kid do it for them would be easier, but then it turned out you were the one kid in the world that knew how to keep your mouth shut.

Or maybe not, IDK.
[] Other then you know; your drug plan, your dental plan, your car payments and a few others things
[] “Where is X?” when stood right in front of X
[] That is so funny hahaha.

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