The Night Before Christmas by Ashley Madison

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The days after Christmas are some of Ashley Madison’s biggest days, but one particular wife just can’t wait until Christmas comes. To check out who else is up for some fun at, Click here:

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GuruBubble says:

I now feel dirty and cheap.

GuruBubble says:

Get a freaking divorce.

iloveoreos15 says:

So just get a damn divorce then.

Froleyboy says:

I’m becoming Jewish now

Porsha Conoye says:

NO!! NO!!! I refuse to believe nick is a taurus NO!!

Stephen Garrepy says:

Call it an affair, Noel Bideman CEO of Ashley is nothing more than a professional pimp


I wonder if Rudolph got a piece. I bet that dirty dog (Reindeer) had is shiney nose in there.

Come to think of it maybe they all had a turn cuz she was yelling all the Reindeer names.

SabreKitteh says:

Lol what happens under the mistletoe doesn’t stay under the mistletoe!

SabreKitteh says:

That is true, but chances also are that he was a lazy slob before they got married. If he wasn’t, he can probably snap out of his slump.

Either that or ask him if he wants to have a mmf threesome with a body builder. If he’s that lazy he’s probably watched enough porn to be open to the idea. Unless the other guy wants to do him too.

domtar says:

While I dont know where I stand on the whole is this site fine or not, one thing I do know is that you cant “get your guy…to work out”. If he is lazy and a slob, chances are nothing she does will get him to work out.

gonzhornet says:

I woke the next morning, it burned when I peed, I went to the doctor and gone was my glee….

lilstudyman says:

this chick aint gettin no christmas presents this year from me

SabreKitteh says:

So instead of getting the guy you presumably loved enough to marry to work out with you, just go screw someone else behind his back. Gotcha.

DesertLaser says:

I don’t cheat, but AshleyMadison would my GO TO site if I were in circulation.

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