The Tyra Banks Show – Ashley Madison

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The Tyra Banks Show – Noel Biderman Speaks about affairs and The Ashley Madison Agency.

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besmart78 says:


she said negative adittude not appearance you blind bitch

SuperCowsta says:

This is what’s fucking wrong with America you guys disgust me

Mandrake Singh says:

If she keeps thinking of the guy day in and day out but does not sleep with him, is she cheating? If I love the wife and kids and cover my escapades with a masseuse here and an escort there, am I cheating? It all goes back to the fall (???) of A & E.

fun28play says:


hondacivic1992 says:

As a businessman myself, I understand noel. He’s just a businessman who’s satisfying a market that exists, and I’m happy for his success. He is in no way responsible for cheating. When somebody cheats, they make that decision alone. Getting pissed at Noel for your wife cheating is like getting pissed at the owner of the night club where your wife slept with three dudes there. Makes no sense at all.

Besides, its not like people didn’t cheat before Ashley Madison, or the internet for that matter.

lettucelive says:

Someone that wants to cheat is going to cheat, this guy is just smart enough to make a profit out of it. Don’t blame him, blame yourself if you’re the one cheating.

jn2709 says:

I don’t know the full story but I’d be just as mad as he is, this saddens me a bit, what happened to love? 

EngageToPromote1 says:

Visit the Ashley Madison site, at this special link, and find out if married dating is for you!

ElectricShark says:

Our society is fucked.

hmcg020 says:

… still baffled by how many people genuinely think anyone in the world deserves to be cheated on.
Women, if you get with someone for their money, then feel like it’s not “fulfilling enough” after you’ve spent all of his money, and cheat on him…are you seriously glorified, and/or are your actions justified in any way?
I am saying this because it’s relative to this specific example: most women are wonderfull, however so many youtubers need perplexed examples to evoke the slightest reaction

hmcg020 says:

“He deserved to be cheated on….. Look at her. She can do way better.”
You are the reason 50% of marriages fail. Your “I’m worth more than him” attitude has bread a plague of disgusting Bitches that are polluting this planet with their self-fulfilling ideologies of greed. Men do not want to get married anymore because of people like you. You are scum and I cannot beleive your opinion even exsists.
According to your logic, every man should dump his wife the second she puts on weight. FUCK U!

hmcg020 says:

His skinny little wife would have gotten with him for his money, then cheated on him. It’s undeniably common and anyhone who is too nieve to process that thought in a coherant manner, without getting defensive is just silly.
Ashley Madison is the most grotesque deformation of morality and anything people should yearn to have with one-another.
Cheating on someone is something you will regret for the rest of your life, UNLESS you are a soulless, filthy, monstrocity-an American.

prettygrl2222 says:

no one deserves to be cheated on just because of their looks.

81Gamerdad says:

That guys pissed off because his wife is actually cute from the short clip they show of her, and probably tired of feeling like shit from that guys negative attitude. He deserved to be cheated on….. Look at her. She can do way better.

slbrail87 says:

my wife and i actually tried to use ashley madison to save our marriage, but it actually made it worse. we’re getting a divorce now. Oh, well. I guess we tried everything. Even APPROVED cheating…

vidhead85 says:

First of all, those who are cheated on, have to repair their relationships, this is just a way for people to have a little degree of honesty about their infidelities

itscat92 says:

My brother gets spam email from them all the time. Of course they dont make anyone cheat, but yes they do encourage it. Also, they’re assholes just for spamming people.

man11withaplan says:

Tyra Banks would not be where she is because of a little Modeling show, without it she would not be where she is right now. Second, no one forces anyone to start and continue an affair, so that fat guy has no one to blame but himself, typical macho New Yorker.

pandahunter says:

tyra should go fuck herself.

Celebrity729 says:

Yes I agree the individual who was cheated on is responsible for himself as is the woman who is with him. However Ashly Madison is promoting adultery which then amplifies division within any romantic relationship which is immoral.

The best scenario has always been free. Stop dating or divorce the individual you are married to before you enter into a new relationship. Never cheat. Its wrong and it will taint your reputation for life.

teawead says:

The audience will really clap for anything. What a dumb ass crowd. 

mike115888 says:

Despite Biderman’s claim that he “has a heart,” its obvious that he doesn’t live by it. When the business day starts, all morale is thrown out the window; his “good beliefs” don’t matter anymore, its all about making money.

Volunteers and monks that help the poor are the ones that have hearts; they do not live to make money, they live by their hearts. Biderman may say he “has a heart,” but he doesn’t live by it. He’s a sell-out; he lives to make money.

hectormusic111 says:

This guy is doing nothing wrong. He simply made a site where you can seek an affair. Whether you utilize it is ENTIRELY up to you.

If you do end up using it, it’s all on you. AND he’s made a few bucks from it. Truth be told, the guy’s a genius.

Ztevenization says:

he doesnt want people to cheat on the workplace but he wants them to cheat on site so he can make mony of peoples cheating make mony out of people mistakes

bigstickcop says:

I agree with you.

bigstickcop says:

Everyone, this man is doing nothing wrong. He created an idea and it’s obviously taking off. Whether if it’s morally correct or not is irrelevant. That’s like saying tobacco companies are evil for creating a product that happens to be addictive but also causes health problems. Anyone (he/she) who decides to use Ashley Madison is entirely THEIR choice. The creator is not expecting anyone to agree with it but understand it’s intent which falls on the person using it.

Incognito4u2k says:

Is it really that bad?

DepletedUranium1 says:

The people getting butt-hurt over this are pathetic, if the person has actively sought out thus website to have an affair, don’t you think they would end up having an affair via different means of meeting someone?

PlasticMilkMustachio says:

I’ve seen Ashley Madison on pr0n sites. XDXD

noblesoul88 says:

This is a filthy criminal Kike/Jew Noel Biderman justifying his crimes. Just like his ancestors have been doing for 1000s of years. Baaastard

paperheart38 says:

Well people are using this site, they arent forcing people to go on it and have affairs. People willingly, at their own discretion get on the site knowing what its for. You cant blame the site for what it’s doing. If people were faithful this site would have no success. Obviously the person was not happy if they seeked out help to carry out an affair. Granted, the person should just get a divorce if they arent happy with their partner. People make this site successful, it doenst make itself.

heelflip222 says:

mimimi? tv?

amperro says:

I will not defend Ashley Madison, but don’t anyone dare tell me that Noel Biderman is the CAUSE of infidelity (enabler, yes, but not cause). People have been cheating since time immemorial. Nobody not inclined to cheat would ever use this service. If your spouse is cheating, find out WHY. Ashley Madison is the HOW.

iloveoreos15 says:

I hope anyone who uses this website gets gonorrhea and blue waffle.

deltapunk21 says:

this piece of shit it has nothing to do with communication its lying adulterous perverted whores and evil people that want to do this shit….these pieces of garbage should be executed

chabba77 says:

Do you seriously think you’re fooling anyone with your crocodile tears in this clip? If you feel so bad for these people, shut your immoral website down! You’re no better than someone running a website helping people find drugs. Imagine the reaction a slogan like “Life is short. Have a snort.” would result in. It’s the same principle. May God help you, since no one else would.

Live1Peter334 says:

Affairs are common and legal? Well your certainly not helping! I hope you see what a horrible site you have and i pray God changes your heart! May you see the error of your ways.

franciscodudeful says:

So funny how you say this and yet you got so many thumbs down. I know it sounds immature but still that is telling you something.

fremontdad says:

Shitty editing! Did his wife screw around on him? If so, then he shouldn’t be going ballistic on the ashleymadison dude! He should be pissed off at his wife or himself. If he couldn’t satisfy her, that’s HIS fault, and hers for getting into that situation in the first place!! It’s typical of our society: Have to blame everyone else for your own short comings!!

Tetzukai says:

Who cares people? Fucking having sympathy for a worthless cheater – so pathetic. He got what he deserved and like any typical selfish prick, he gets abgry and violent because of the truth being exposed. What the Hell do you guys think free will is? Jesus. lol

MIKEPIE101 says:

This is site is for cowards that have NO soul or heart. Anyone who is a member of this site will have fun now but will burn in Hell. My fucking bitch wife cheated on me for her own selfish reasons. And she is still fucking him.Destroyed a happy family for cheep thrills.May her black heart remain COLD forever……………CUNT.

PabloDiscobar1 says:

Undercover Lovers is much better - the women there actually exist unlike Ashley Madison’s fakes.

Dlaing22 says:

I know this is random but have yall seen that groupie site balleraddict(com)??All I can say is wow

Kingdragyn18 says:

The reality of it all, is that people cheat. There is a high divorce rate in this country because of the fact that married couples do not communicate any more. So what happens? You are gonna turn to something else. Yes the guy is a deuch for putting that temptation there but he does have a point. Here is my advice, you can’t fix your marriage get a divorce. If you want to fix your marriage, great, but stay away from pornography, and sites that tell you its okay to cheat. Remove the temptation.

chagOwwuUUu says:

What Sucks Is Ya’ll Charge Too Much For The Packages Bro

spastic505 says:

In addition, it’s a handful of people sitting on top that determine what is legal and what is not legal. Laws rarely reflect what citizens truly want. There are millions of people who believe cheating while married should be illegal. In fact, adultery is illegal in some countries. Rape, child molestation, murder are common, too. Doesn’t mean they are acceptable. Your feeble attempt at defending what you do while hiding behind “legality” is hilarious to say the least.

spastic505 says:

Let’s be rational? I am being rational. You’re the one doing all those crazy brain gymnastics to justify what you’re doing, psychopath. Go out in the street and tell people you owe and run a website where you make money by encouraging and helping people to have affairs. This is not a matter of legality or illegality. This is about MORALITY, VALUES, CONSCIENCE, DIGNITY…a bunch of terms you’re clearly not familiar with. You’re a rotten soul, and you know it, too.

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