Watch Out | Yuvraj Singh’s Love Affair With Kim Sharma !

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Bollywood and cricket go down a long way when it comes to love link ups! While some awaken a great deal of curiosity due to their respective glamour fronts, others fade away to no glory, with minimal traces of fumes. So coming as one such love affair, here’s our pick for the day-Yuvraj Singh and Kim Sharma.
Yuvraj Singh and Kim Sharma were one of the hottest couples in the industry and the duo had marked their love story for four long years. They dined together, partied together and were always spotted walking hand in hand, but sadly, call it fate or a mere coincidence the couple abruptly split due to mutual differences and went on to have their own affairs.
Yes! While the rumors are rife that Yuvi’s mother Shabnam was responsible for this break up, others claim Kim’s abusive language to have ignited its foul play. Though their sparks of love still remain fresh in the air, but today Kim is married to a wealthy business man named Ali Punjani whereas Yuvi declares to remain single!
But well, you never know what’s hiding behind the bush right? So on this note, do tell us what do you think of this relationship in the comments section below and meanwhile, stay tuned toMoviez adda

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