What is a Cougar?

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What is a Cougar? I’m Lucia your cougar expert for cougarchannel.com discussing what is a “Cougar.” The term cougar is thought to have originated in the dressing room of the Vancouver Canucks dressing room. They started to call the older, single women who came to their games “Cougars” and the term took off from there. A cougar is an attractive, independent, confident older woman, over 40, who only dates younger men. Cougars are known as only being into the thrill of the hunt and are not into exclusive relationships. Some celebrity cougars are Demi Moore, married to Ashton Kutcher who is 15 years younger. Paula Abdul, who is dating J.T. torregiani, 12 years her junior, Katie Couric is 17 years older than her man, Kim Cattrall is 24 years older than her guy and of course Madonna who is 10 years ikder than Guy Ritchie. However, there are older women who only date younger men who are looking for committed relationships. There’s no specific name for them, so they end up also falling into the “Cougar” category. I’m Lucia your cougar expert for cougarchannel.com, happy hunting, thanks for watching.

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