Where Does the Value Lay? (9/17/10 – Daily VLOG #319)

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Day 319!! Its Friday, Chick-fil-A gyps me, and Jena loves toilet paper…. Check out DosFatGuys Food Chronicles! Its Awesome! http://www.youtube.com/user/Dos…

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Jon Sorenson says:

All value is a function of human desire being applied to things in reality that we naturally perceive to be the satisfaction of those desires. Thus the value lies within the human soul in the sense that it is from there that the experience of “goodness in things” emerges. Why are those desires there in the first place? That is an even more interesting question.

liljack8421 says:

All cars are female just to let you know Jena…… at least that’s what i say :)

ErikTV365 says:

Its just a number brother… just a number

For Jena… renege – To fail to carry out a promise or commitment – To renounce; disown


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