Why did my partner have an affair? by Pete & Nikki Uglow

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www.realloveuk.com To be unconditionally loving is something that many people believe they are, but the truth is very few people actually know how to love somebody properly. Real Love is totally selfless. It is about “I care how you feel”. The opposite of Real Love is ‘conditional love’ which is “I like how you make me feel”. It’s Real Love when someone cares about their partner’s happiness without needing anything in return for themselves. They’re not disappointed or angry when their partner makes foolish mistakes or doesn’t automatically give them what they want. They have no secrets from each other and don’t just tolerate, but embrace each and every little quirk and personality trait. This is the true happiness that gives us a reason to live, not the fleeting happiness that we use as a substitute, often without even realising it. When two people love each other unconditionally, they don’t need anything in return for it, as the Real Love itself is enough. Rather than assigning blame, Real Love helps us to understand the origins of our behaviour and do whatever we need to in order to achieve true happiness in all aspects of our lives — including providing a rock solid foundation for a happy marriage. We offer a three-day intervention followed by 12 months unlimited coaching for couples who are experiencing the devastating effects of an affair, but are serious about building a better relationship.

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