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The youth of Bangladesh are considered to be the future of the country. But whenever the predecessors think about the younger generation, the picture is of some good for nothing spoilt creatures. There might be some of them among the youth, but youngsters on the exact opposite side of this thought are greater in number. There are more youngsters take a lot of interest and indulges themselves in the welfare of the country. The younger generation today takes a lot of pride in introducing themselves to the outside world. There are millions of Bangladeshis who are going abroad, either for studies or with other occupations, and most of them are making the nation proud with their brilliant performances overseas. Youngsters these days are putting an effort to build up a very strong backbone of the nation. The youth of these country are doing brilliant works in every possible field, be it a government job or in sports. The youngsters are the most loved lot of people even after being regarded as the useless generation. International Affairs Club of Independent University Bangladesh took a small initiative this January and helped some poor people at Thakurgaon. The money raised from a concert named “Being Human” was used to provide some warm clothes to those for whom it was necessary. They took a small step. There are thousands of others who are doing similar works. Today’s youth gives the country the foremost importance and will soon give you the best nation to live in.

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